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Welcome to the fastest computer repair service in Phoenix.
Computer Doxs is leading the way in alternatives to the Geeks for Computer Repair/ IT Tech Support. Apple Support We repair laptops, desktops, Apple and PC's.

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Search Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is taking over the traditional methods of snail mail and giant yellow pages door stops. Without implementing it correctly your buiness will lack the visablility it needs to attract new customers and stay competitive.
SEO- Search Engine Optimization > The act of marketing a website via search engine, (Google , Bing) whether this be improving rank in organic listings , purchasing paid listings or a combination of these and other search engine related activities. Also called SEM
SEO and Web Design should go hand in hand and carefully planned as early as possible. Preferably during the design phase and primarily focussing on Google and Bing. Unlock your websites potential by increasing your visabilty and generating more traffic.

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